Neuro Balance Therapy Review – Best Fall Prevention For Older People

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July 21, 2022

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If you are looking for a way to improve your balance, strength, and mobility, Neuro Balance Therapy may be right for you. Although it is a popular alternative medicine option, this treatment is available only online, and individual results can vary. Whether this treatment is proper for you depends on your commitment, the level of difficulty, and the specific issues you're experiencing. This Neuro Balance Therapy review will address all of these questions and more.

NEURO-BALANCE-therapy -review

Neuro Balance Therapy Review

Fall prevention is a top priority for seniors at higher risk for falls. Decreased stamina and posture, among other factors, make it easy for people to fall. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 3 million older patients visited emergency rooms for falls in 2019. Fall-related injuries are a leading cause of hospitalization in older adults, and an estimated 20 percent of senior citizens will fall at least twice each year. Fall prevention programs are vital to preventing dangerous falls and ensuring the safety of everyone in the family.

Neuro Balance Therapy Review Summary

Reviews of Neuro Balance Therapy

Use: Strengthen legs and prevent falls



Easy of use



  • Strengthen legs and prevent falls
  • Restoring balance and stability
  • Activating the nerve in the legs and ankles
  • Addressing fear of falling
  • Effective treatment for a variety of conditions
  • Natural and painless therapy
  • Simple and detailed
  • Safe, easy to use, and completely effective
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Low price


  • No effect overnight
  • Only available on the official website
  • Individual results may vary

Summary: Neuro Balance Therapy works to reestablish balance and restore dead and sleeping nerves. Exercises that take just 10 minutes a day give you more strength and stability and can help prevent future declines in balance.

  • $37 - Instant access to the digital version + Free Bonuses
  • $47Physical DVD With Spike Ball + Instant access to the digital version + Free Bonuses (+ Shipping & Handling)
  • What is Neuro Balance Therapy?

    If you suffer from nervous system imbalances, you might want to learn about Neuro Balance Therapy. This rejuvenation method of the entire nervous system works to reestablish balance and restore dead and sleeping nerves. Unlike conventional medications, this therapy requires no pre-requirements and is an excellent option for anyone looking for a new and effective method for improving focus and staying healthy. And the best part is, this treatment requires just 10 minutes a day and no gym membership, nor do you need to buy new shoes.

    You can get the complete system, including a physical DVD and spike balls, for a very affordable price. You can begin to see results in as little as 14 days. It gives you more strength and stability and can help prevent future declines in balance. The DVD is full of high-definition demonstrations of how to do the exercises and comes with a DVD kit. The DVD will help you wake up the nerves in your foot, restoring your balance.

    The Neuro-Balance Therapy system is available for purchase on the official website of the company. It helps treat various nervous system pains and diseases. This therapy  helps people stop taking painkillers and get more active. It also reduces the risk of injuries and falls. There are two different versions of Neuro-Balance Therapy. You can purchase one or both online, but you must visit the program's official website to learn more about the benefits of each.

    How does Neuro Balance Therapy work?

    The nerve in the foot can be damaged when worn for long hours, which can cause falls. Wearing shoes for hours can also damage these nerves, leading to falling accidents. Fortunately, several treatments and remedies can help restore balance and stability without undergoing surgeries or requiring months of rehabilitation. The 10-minute Neuro Balance Therapy routine can help you regain balance and stability without spending money on new shoes or physiotherapy sessions.

    The program involves gentle movements that help improve strength, balance, and stability. It is safe and easy to perform at home and requires only about fifteen minutes a day of your time. The program also involves peroneal nerve stimulation. This nerve stimulates the lower body muscles in the foot and ankle, providing extra strength to the legs and reducing the risk of falling. In addition, the exercises are quick, painless, and require no special equipment.

    The program begins with a fifteen-minute morning ritual. Then, you'll progress to more advanced exercises, as needed. Neuro-Balance Therapy is divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, and it is recommended that you start at the beginner level. To get the best results, do Neuro-Balance Therapy exercises daily, but remember that the more advanced you become, the more advanced you'll be.

    What Does Neuro Balance Therapy Include?

    This program is easier than a visit to a health care provider. It requires no special equipment other than a spike ball. Let's take a look at what's included in the program:

    Neuro-Balance Therapy DVD

    The DVD is a comprehensive guide that shows you how to use the DVD to improve your balance. It helps prevent falls and tripping by stimulating the nerves and promoting balance. You can do the exercises from home without the help of a professional, and you do not need to do anything strenuous. This program can be done standing or sitting. It is easy to follow and repeat. A few minutes each day is all that you need to improve your balance.

    Nerve Wakeup Spike Ball

    This DVD-based system contains instructions and a personal spike ball with nerve-wakeup technology. The spike ball stimulates nerves in the feet to help restore balance and stability. This ball made of crystalline material has a specific amount of spikes, each strong enough to stimulate dead nerves in your legs. The creators claim that everyone who uses this ball will feel a difference in their feet within two weeks.

    Introduction Video

    The video explains the system's use and how it works to prevent falls. This video also explains when to perform each exercise and how quickly they will result in relief. It also includes a comprehensive guide to supplements and diet to achieve the most significant effects.

    Level 1: Beginner Video

    The Neuro-Balance Therapy Beginner video offers step-by-step instructions on how to perform all ten exercises. It begins with two of the most important exercises, stimulating nerves and receptors in the feet and legs. The video provides tips for a perfect performance of each exercise. Moreover, the Beginner video explains the benefits of each movement. It also demonstrates the importance of using the equipment correctly.

    Level 2: Intermediate Video

    Level 2 includes a tutorial of each of the ten exercises. The exercises are slightly more advanced than the exercises in level 1, but they're all geared toward strengthening the feet's muscles to improve balance and stability. The videos are helpful tips and variations, including how to change up an exercise if you feel you're about to fall. The Neuro Balance Therapy program is ideal for anyone looking to improve their balance, mobility, and strength.

    Level 3: Advanced Video

    Once you've mastered the level 2 exercises, you'll be ready to move on to the final stage: Advanced Workflow. This video starts the same way as the others. The main difference is that the exercises are a bit more complex and aim to perfect your therapy.

    What bonuses does Neuro Balance Therapy include?

    In addition to what you get above, the creators will provide two additional guidelines to help users maintain balance and stability and prevent unexpected trips and falls.

    Let's take a closer look at these two bonuses that will help you in various ways to provide you with a comprehensive and lasting solution.

    Bonus #1

    Tips to fall-proof your home

    This eBook will teach you more creative methods for secure and safe stability. It will mainly focus on mental balance, where you will get 20 types of essential lists to follow to be secure and safe. As a result, your foot will have the proper grip for each step.

    Bonus #2

    Downloadable Version of Neuro-Balance Therapy

    You will have instant access to the digital version, allowing you to download the entire program without waiting. The Downloadable Version has an easy-to-use interface, perfect for people with limited time. The physical DVD will be shipped to your door afterward.

    The Real Benefits of Neuro Balance Therapy

    The benefits are well documented, but what real benefits can people derive from this program? To learn more, read on this Neuro Balance Therapy review!

    Simple and detailed, suitable for most people

    Neuro-Balance Therapy consists of simple stretches and balance exercises, and the program includes detailed instructions and workout schedules based on individual needs. The entire program is gentle enough for even the most inexperienced people to do. You'll need a chair, a sturdy wall, and a spiky ball to practice the exercises.

    Addressing fear of falling

    One of the main benefits of Neuro-Balance Therapy is its ability to address people's fear of falling. People with this disorder often experience problems with balance, a common cause of anxiety. The program also has a unique approach to improving balance because it works directly on the peroneal nerve. By stimulating this nerve, patients improve their balance, restoring their strength and allowing them to avoid falls.

    Activating the nerve in the legs and ankles

    Activating the nerve in the legs and ankles improves balance and helps people prevent falling. The program also helps you learn how to avoid common home hazards. It also offers a list of the top twenty things you need to check before you fall. Ultimately, this method will help you remain active for longer. Despite its many benefits, selecting a qualified therapist and using the correct medications are essential.

    Restoring balance and stability

    Using the Neuro-Balance Therapy program is convenient for busy people and the elderly. The program utilizes therapeutic movements stimulating the nerves in the feet and lower body to restore balance and stability. Neuro-Balance Therapy aims to prevent falls, which are the most common cause of injury in older adults. One in three adults over 65 falls each year. This method will help you avoid falls and prevent instability and trip accidents.

    Effective treatment for a variety of conditions

    The program consists of a complete set of DVDs to follow and learn how to perform therapeutic exercises. You can use the videos to learn specific sequences of movements and exercises that will improve your balance and stability. Neuro-Balance Therapy is an effective treatment for various conditions, including balance loss and ongoing health issues. It's easy to do at home and involves just a few minutes of your time in the morning.

    Natural and painless therapy - Neuro Balance Therapy review

    The number of people suffering from balance problems is increasing. Many people are at risk of injury, resulting in severe injury. It is even more dangerous to fall than not to have balance problems. Falling and losing balance are caused by neurological disorders and are extremely dangerous. One in three people will fall at some point, and over ninety percent of these will result in serious injury. However, neuro balance therapy offers a painless and natural solution to this condition.

    Safe, easy to use, and completely effective

    If you're concerned about falling or tripping, consider buying the Neuro-Balance Therapy DVD. This DVD contains simple exercises that can be done at home and without any special equipment. With the program, you'll revive the nerves in your feet and other crucial body parts. Neuro-Balance Therapy is safe, easy to use, and completely effective! You can even get a few bonuses for free!

    60-day money-back guarantee and low price

    You can purchase the program from the official website for $37 or 47. A 60-day money-back guarantee backs this product, so there is nothing to lose by trying it out. You can also use it for pain relief and other conditions. Its low price will help you fit the Neuro-Balance Therapy program into your schedule.

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    Cons - Neuro Balance Therapy Review

    Although the benefits of Neuro Balance Therapy are undoubtedly worth noting, the program is not without its drawbacks. Most people complain that getting the benefits takes too long, but the program is done for you. It starts with a simple ritual and works through the entire body with ultra-gentle light strokes. Moreover, it is ideal for people of all ages, from kids to the elderly. Therapy also helps improve focus and stay free of neurological conditions.

    Who is Neuro Balance Therapy for?

    The program is not for everyone. Some people experience a sudden loss of balance or fall due to a lack of stability in their feet. It is not always effective in treating the cause of imbalance, such as aging or nerve damage. However, a good Neuro Balance Therapy DVD can help you overcome this condition by combining posture, lifestyle changes, and exercises to help your nerve cells function better. It is an excellent way to overcome the degeneration of balance many people experience as they age.

    This 10-minute, pain-free therapy is a great way to help people with balance problems. People with neuropathy, or dead nerves in the foot, often struggle with balance and walk with a heavy gait. The treatment helps restore balance and strength to these nerves, which is vital for walking and maintaining a healthy weight. It is an excellent option for individuals with neurological disorders because it is non-invasive and does not require a doctor's visit.

    How Long Does it Take to See Results?

    You might wonder how long it takes to start seeing results from Neuro Balance Therapy. The answer depends on the type of treatment you are looking for. Neuro-Balance Therapy is a comprehensive method that helps to restore the nervous system's balance. The program is easy to use and comes with video routines that take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Because of the effectiveness of Neuro-Balance Therapy, you can see results in as little as 14 days. This system is also completely online, which means there are no recurring fees.

    Where to Buy and Neuro Balance Therapy Pricing

    The Neuro-Balance Therapy system is available for purchase on the official website of the company. While many benefits are associated with this program, it's worth mentioning the cost. A digital copy of Neuro-Balance Therapy is priced at $37; it can be downloaded directly to any device. In addition to the DVD, you'll receive a free spike ball and free bonus materials at $47. Here are the details of the price of Neuro-Balance Therapy

    • $37 - Instant access to the digital version + Free Bonuses
    • $47 – Physical DVD With Spike Ball + Instant access to the digital version + Free Bonuses (+ Shipping & Handling)

    Refund Policy

    If you're unsatisfied with a product for any reason, you can return it within 60 days for a full refund of the purchase price (minus shipping and handling fees).

    To contact the creators of the program, send an email to the address below:

    Critical Bench, Inc.

    Attn: Neuro-Balance Therapy15373 Roosevelt Blvd, Suite 203Clearwater, FL 33760

    Neuro Balance Therapy Review - Final word

    If you're looking for a way to improve your balance, consider learning to perform Neuro-Balance Therapy exercises. This video program has been shown to improve balance, and it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. People of all ages and with any nerve issue can benefit from this program. This therapy has many benefits, and it's a quick and easy way to improve your balance.


    Watch a video on Neuro-Balance Therapy to get started and follow along as you watch. Once you've finished the video, you'll know when to use the system and how long it takes to begin feeling relief. The videos start by activating neurons in the legs and feet. By doing this, you'll be on your way to building your balance and staying out of neurological conditions. You'll want to learn about the risks and benefits of each action and how to minimize them.

    The program is available in both physical and digital forms. There's an app for your mobile device and a DVD you can watch on your computer. It is available at different levels to choose the best one for you. Whether a beginner or an advanced user, the program will teach you the correct movements to improve your balance. The Neuro-Balance Therapy program is digital and easy to use on any device.

    Our Verdict





    Ease of Use


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